September 9, 2010

What she was waiting for

She comes to him, and kneels at his feet. When she had came home, she had stripped to nothing but her chastity belt (only there to protect his property from her roaming hands). She had locked on her posture collar. She was really hoping he’d take the belt off, she’d given him many orgasms (orally and anally) since he put it on her a couple days ago in preparation for tonight’s scene, and her unrequited horniness was palatable.

He smiled as he looked down at her. They would exchange no words. He had assembled the outfit she was to wear for the scene, pulled her to her feet by tugging upward on the ring on her collar, and she got the message and stood up. He assisted her in lacing on the tight black leather corset, which held her breasts up on a “shelf” and left her nipples exposed. She took a deep breath as he tightened up the laces. He helped slide long black opera length satin gloves down her arms, first one then the other, and then locked her fur-lined black leather wrist cuffs on her. Then he held out to her the black seamed stockings for her to slide up her legs, to be attached to her corset garters, but wouldn’t let her fasten them just yet. This gave her hope. The next item were the custom patent leather thigh high boots, made to accommodate her wider thighs, and which he thoughtfully had fitted with built-in knee pads. The heels were 5 inch stilettos, making it awfully difficult for her to stand, but she did her best. The ankle cuffs were locked on, just like the wrist cuffs but just a little bigger.

He then locked her wrists behind her, and with a smile, unlocked the chastity belt and slid it off. She wanted to cheer with delight but she knew that would have been a mistake, and gave him a sexy smile instead.
He attached all six garter straps on each leg from the bottom of her corset to her tops of her stockings.After he had fastened her rear straps, she was surprised by him reaching around and pinching her nose shut. She opened her mouth to get some air and instead had a plastic plug greet her lips, which was attached to a leather strap fastened behind her head. As she ran her tongue around the plug she realized it was shaped like the head of a penis. He then kissed her cheek and slid the sleep mask blindfold over her eyes. He slid a lubricated finger in her rear opening, spreading the lube thoroughly, then bent her over the bed, and slid a small, well lubed plug up her anus.

He then helped her stand and had her walk about 15 paces, to where she didn’t know. He eased her down to her knees, and she felt some cold, lubed silicone member slide into her pussy. She also felt some firm silicone pressing against her clit. What was left exposed of her legs helped her realize what she had been set down on, it was her Master’s Sybian. She felt something being locked to her ankle cuffs, she could only imagine it was a small spreader bar. She then felt something being attached to her wrists, and a strap surrounding her arms above the elbows pulling them closer together.Then she couldn’t help but lean forward a little as her wrists were pulled higher behind her, as if they had been tied to a pulley above her.
The next thing she hears is his laugh, then – the shutting of a door. She figured out that she was in the walk-in closet. Left to contemplate her situation, she wondered if he would return to power up the Sybian, she really hoped he would. He opened the door and she felt tight clamps – clovers? on her nipples. He had simply wanted to add this one last detail. Then, a clicking sound followed by the vibration of the Sybian – her wish had come true. The next surprise was the anal plug vibrating at what had to be the highest setting. She started to grind against the Sybian as best as she could – she wondered, this speed doesn’t seem quite fast enough. She realized that he knew it most likely wasn’t going to be fast enough to allow her the orgasm she so desperately craved, and that he had surely set it that way deliberately. Then, her ears are filled with the sounds of women having orgasms. Non stop, orgasm after orgasm after orgasm – it seemed he must have taken the audio from many different orgasm recordings, burned them to a CD, and then set up a player for her “benefit” to constantly play for her “enjoyment”. She moaned as she ground against the Sybian, aching and oh so horny, but incapable of going to that final release. She heard him make a few more clicks (which turned out to be a baby monitor), and laugh again. It didn’t take long for her to give up any attempt of self-control. She kept grinding and moaning. Would she somehow get her final reward?

He opened the closet door, but she could just barely notice. Her moans had gotten louder and louder, and she was totally focused on her genitals and trying to get that elusive orgasm. He smiled as he took a deep breath to inhale the new fragrance of the room. She was sure she had been in there at least an hour or so but he knew it had been no longer than fifteen minutes.
He bent down and shut off the Sybian. He took off her nipple clamps, and unlocked her wrist and ankle cuffs while holding her body up, then lifted her off the Sybian. He helped her to her feet and led her to the four-poster bed, and laid her there bent over the right-side edge. The buzzing of her anal plug continued, content to do its work while its batteries still gave it power. He had her stretch her arms above her head, then he locked the wrist cuffs together. He then used a rope to fasten them across the bed and into a ring bolt fastened into the bed frame. He then refastened her legs to the spreader bar he used in her closet.
He reached between her legs and felt her folds with his hands, and teased her clit with the tip of a finger. She shuddered at his touch, wanting so much more. He pulled his hand away, and then rubbed her ass. The next thing she felt was the strands of his favorite deerskin flogger across her ass, starting softly and slowly as was his way. Slowly he built up intensity, and he painted his strokes across her rear, with an occasional stroke across the backs of her thighs. Soon though, the strokes became sharper and much more intense, and she was sure he was holding the strands with one hand and letting them go right before the hit for the most sharp sensation he could create with the flogger. Each stroke was stronger than the last, she wanted to cry out but all she could manage were muffled unintelligible noises.
He stopped abruptly, and then started to gently rub her newly red cheeks, giving them a kiss here, a caress there. Then – there it was. What she had been waiting for – the sound of him unzipping his pants.
He mounted her from behind, and gave her the sex she so desperately craved. All of the suffering, the horniness – this moment made it all worth it. She felt like one giant sexual organ, made for the purpose of receiving his manhood. It didn’t take her long with him inside for her to reach her first orgasm- but that didn’t stop him – he kept going. Sliding in and out, over and over again, she couldn’t help but have yet another orgasm. His barrage continued, then without warning, it stopped.
In between her panting she realized he hadn’t came yet. She knew what that meant. Today he wanted his orgasm to come a different way.

He untied the rope that held her wrists cuffs straight across the bed, eased her to a kneeling position on the floor by the bed and untied them from her cuffs. He unlocked her cuffs only to put her hands behind her back and re-lock them. He then unbuckled the gag behind her head and slid the plug from her lips.
She was trying to catch her breath, when she heard the unmistakable sound of the mattress creaking. She felt his hand on the back of her head guide her to her task. She instinctively opened her mouth to receive him, and he began to guide her with his hands. He let go, and she kept up her work, as she loved to give him pleasure this way.

It didn’t take long for him to orgasm, and she dutifully swallowed every drop, and used her mouth to clean his member as best as she could with the blindfold on.
He recovered, and slid the mask off her. They smiled at one another and he began to release her from her bonds.

He bade her undress and helped her get out of her corset, and then she joined him in the bed. He told her “You have pleased me well tonight little one.” to which she replied, “Thank you Sir, that makes me happy.” They drifted off to a contented sleep.

September 9, 2010

So it begins.

Hi, I’m a kinky kind of guy who thought I’d put my stories and thoughts here – perhaps some of you will find them entertaining. Warning – this is adult content.

September 9, 2010

Prolonging the pre-orgasmic state

Everyone has their favorite fetish. I think mine is the idea of extended arousal, trying to create extreme sexual desire for orgasm that lasts as long as possible. I want to do this to women and have it done to me.

The idea of a person being right on the precipice of an orgasm, and this condition going on and on to the point where the person thinks they can no longer take it is incredibly appealing to me.

I want to create awkward situations where a woman is being highly stimulated, not enough for an orgasm, and has to carry out everyday things like going to a restaurant or a grocery store. She’s burning up with sexual desire but no one knows and she has to focus on not betraying her arousal in public.

Another thing:

I want to find places on a woman’s body that perhaps they did not know could give them orgasms treated a certain way. If I could not access their genitals, I want to try to find other places that could get them into arousal and perhaps push them into orgasm.

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